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Carom Tournament


Match Schedule:


Competitions will start on Sat Oct 28th at 10 am at Valencia Club House, Pleasanton, CA 94588

3925 Appian St, Pleasanton, CA 94588-6002


Detailed schedule/draws & location details will be posted on the Carom Club: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EBMM-CaromClub


Last year EBMM Committee members also participated in tournament along with seniors....the two ladies you see in picture are daughter-in-law & mother-in-law battling against each other......


View other photos of Last Year's Carom Tournaments:

Carrom_Diwali2005_EBMM - Carom Tournaments during Diwali 2005


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2006 EBMM Carom Tournament Rules:


1. All Carom matches will be played in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles category depending on the response.


2. There must be a minimum of four entries for every category (kids & adults).

3. Thumb Shots are allowed. Left hand is also allowed. Game will be of 29 points for adults and for kids the points will be decided based upon their level of skills.


Game supplies will be provided like Carom Board, Coins, Strikers, Powders etc... unless anyone wants to bring his or her own tournament quality supplies.


4. Entry Fees: $1.00 for kids (upto 16 years) & $2.00 for adults (Age 16 and above).

5. Each match will be planned after ensuring that the hosts and players are available for that time of the day. Once the match is confirmed, the players and hosts should be present at the set time and place. In the event of one player not showing up, the other player will get a walkover and will proceed on to the next stage. Exceptions: There will be no walkover in the finals.

6. If we have more entries, winning players may have to play more than one match over a weekend.

7. On the completion of any match, the winner will send an email to the Carom Club: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EBMM-CaromClub within 24 hours, using the following format:
Date & Time:
Stage (1st/2nd round etc):
Player1/Team1 Name:
Player2/Team2 Name:
Score (Player1/Team1 followed by Player2/Team2):

8. Game supplies will be provided for players, unless they prefer to use their own.

9. EBMM Sports Committee will be maintaining the overall tournament status/score sheet, and will update it after each match.

Good Luck to you all & Happy participating!!

Best regards,
Milind Vaidya

EBMM Sports In-Charge




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